Wadena Police


Dec. 14

• Complainant reported an individual approached him about a package at the post office.

• Caller believes she found the suspect vehicle involved in a hit and run from August 2018. The vehicle was parked at Super One Foods.


Dec. 16

Officers checked Wadena Square Apartments after a report of possible marijuana usage. Officers did not detect a marijuana smell from the hallways.


Dec. 17

Complainant was notified by a pedestrian about spray paint vandalism on his sheep barn. Bike tracks could be seen leading up to the barn.


Dec. 18

Suspicious female soliciting for funds with jerky. Claims funds are going toward new archery project. Complainant states that no one is authorized to solicit for this new archery project.


Dec. 19

Officers responded to an individual that slipped on ice. Officers placed blankets on her until an ambulance arrived. Complainant heard a noise outside and went out to investigate then slipped on the ice. She was outside for approximately three hours.

Wadena County Sheriff's Office


Dec. 13

Vehicle slid off roadway and struck trees. No injuries were reported.


Dec. 14

Caller reported a male trespassing in his mother's house. The callers sister was at the residence and afraid to call 911. The mother was asleep and unaware of the man's presence.


Dec. 17

Report of an intoxicated male yelling and threatening caller and children.