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Police Blotter - Oct. 4 edition

Wadena Police

Sept. 28

• Officer responded to two-vehicle crash at 7:42 a.m. at County Road 1 and Hwy 71.

• Officer responded to a van on fire at 10:24 a.m. at Hwy 10 and Firehouse.

• An individual found a large amount of cash outside the Dollar Tree. Officer met with complainant and person who found cash. Cash was released and suspect was to be arrested, but officer was unable to locate at that time.

• Building owners at Lorna's Beauty and KSKK were informed about kids or young adults on the roof causing damage to some lights and rubber roofing.

• Officer responded to two vehicle accident with no injuries at Cedar Ave. and 1st Street NW.

Sept. 29

• Report of kids doing burnouts in a passenger car. Officers would do extra patrol in the area of Juniper Ave. NW.

• Responded to a physical domestic call. Took statements from both suspect and victim.

• A report of an intoxicated male neighbor who showed up at a bonfire and started picking fights. Parties were separated. No one pursued charges.

• Report of a woman found laying on the ground bleeding from her mouth and nose. Stated her boyfriend hit her. He was involved in an earlier incident.

Sept. 30

A party was to be mailed a citation for trying to sell vacuums door-to-door without a permit.

Oct. 2

A theft complaint was called in by someone who cancelled garbage service and the dumpster they own was taken.

Oct. 3

A woman reported her purse and wallet were stolen from her apartment on Bryant Ave. sometime between Monday, Oct. 1 and Wednesday, Oct. 3.

Wadena County Sheriff

Sept. 30

• Report of an accident at County Rd. 23 and 31. Caller wished to remain anonymous. No 911 call was made. Took private vehicle to ER. Possible juveniles involved. A report was to follow.

• A party called requesting extra patrols. They were experiencing odd noises outside the house, dogs barking for no reason. Officer drove through the area and heard no noises. Planned to drive through area again.

Oct. 1

Caller stated her sister was making suicidal comments for two weeks. Woman was transported to Tri-County ER for an evaluation. ER doctor placed a hold on the person.

Oct. 2

Caller returned home and found two tillers stolen. Officer made contact with another family member who gave them away as they had not been used in a couple years. Parties were informed it's a civil matter.

Oct. 3

Officers respond to a call of a mon possibly hit on a bicycle. Neighbor advised he brought the man home as he was drunk and fell off his bike. Neighbor advised this was a recurring incident. Man showed no signs of injury and was highly intoxicated.