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Weekly Blotter - Oct. 4 edition

Sept. 21

• Deputies were requested to perform a welfare check on a person after their medical alert button was pushed. Deputies arrived at the residence, the door was open, but no one was inside except a small dog. They left a note for the owner of the home.

Sept. 22

• Police received a called about a suspicious man who was sitting on a picnic table. Upon contact, police discovered the man lived across the street and was taking a smoke break.

• A woman called police about a check she received for the sale of her trailer. The person she sold the trailer to asked her to deposit the check and then make two wire transfers. She wired the money, then discovered the check was no good. Police advised her it was probably a scam and to watch her bank transactions.

• A woman called police to report suspicious behavior. An African-American man and a caucasian woman were outside her home in their vehicle. Police and deputies made contact with the couple, who were just talking, but the caller didn't want them there. The couple left.

Sept. 25

• A man called authorities after he arrived home and discovered a vehicle in his yard that didn't belong to him. He checked his home and outbuildings and no one was there.

Sept. 26

• Deputies received a complaint about a semi-truck driving erratically. A deputy witnessed the semi going from 15 mph to stopping in the road with its flashers on. The driver was given a warning for inattentive driving.

The reports were derived from Wadena Police Department Incident Reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Office call logs.