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Weekly police scanner - Sept. 13 edition

Sept. 1

• A woman called police to report that a truck was driving erratically and speeding through a trailer park. Police were unable to find the truck.

• A burglary of a cabin was reported to the Sheriff's Office. The owner thought it had been broken into sometime in the past three weeks. A tractor and attachments, power tools, pellet guns and snowmobile helmets were missing.

• Deputies received a call about four dogs chasing cattle. The caller fired warning shots in the air and filmed the dogs. One dog may have been shot, the complainant said. Deputies told the caller to save the video.

• A woman called deputies to report that her neighbor kids dumped blue paint in the middle of the road and it got all over her vehicle. The woman didn't see the kids dump the paint. Deputies discovered the paint can had accidentally fallen out of a vehicle.

Sept. 2

• A man reported that his fish house was missing. He thought it had been stolen in the last two months. He did not know the registration number or VIN of the fish house.

Sept. 3

• A woman called police complaining that her neighbors threw garbage next to her fence again. Upon arrival, police didn't find any trash. The woman said her neighbors must have moved it.

Sept. 4

• Police received a call from a woman who was following a truck. The woman said the driver of the truck stole the a title out of her purse at a gas station in Morrison County and she was pursuing the truck. Police advised the woman to file a complaint in Morrison County.

• A caller reported an older man driving by and taking photos of her children and of a little girl down the street. Police were unable to locate the vehicle.

• Police received a complaint about a truck swerving all over the road. Police found the truck at a park and spoke with the driver. The man said he had a fight with his girlfriend and needed some time to calm down before leaving.

• An officer conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle for suspicious behavior. The driver told the officer they were playing Pokemon Go.

• An area landfill said someone dropped off $1,200 worth of garbage and didn't pay for it. The person owed the landfill $112.

• Deputies were called to investigate a city official for harassing customers at a private event in town and demanding payment for the event from people on private property. The city official was under investigation for overstepping his bounds as a city official.

Sept. 5

• An officer observed a tractor trailer slow to nearly a stop near Walmart and crossing the fog line multiple times. Upon contact with the driver, he told the officer he was trying to get into the parking lot to sleep for the night.

• A woman called police because a clinic called her and told her that a man had added her name to his medical contact file. The woman felt it was harassment, but didn't want to cause the man any further harm due to his medical condition.

• A homeowner complained to police that a family member who had stayed with her was now trying to sell her things online.

• A woman called police to complain that while she was speaking with a tenant, another tenant began filming her without her consent. The woman wanted police to speak to the tenant.

Sept. 6

• An employee of a local store reported witnessing the back window of a car exploding as it was driving nearby.

The reports were derived from Wadena Police Department Incident Reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Office call logs.