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Weekly police scanner - Sept. 6 edition

Aug. 24

• A woman called police to complain that her neighbors were dumping concrete pieces on her yard. Upon investigation, the concrete was in her neighbor's yard and they were doing construction on their residence.

Aug. 26

• A woman called police and asked them to check on her apartment building. Someone kept hitting the buzzer for 10 minutes and there was no intercom to communicate with the person. She did not feel comfortable going to the door to check on the person.

• A caller wanted to speak with an officer about another driver who was tailgating her and then gave her the finger.

• A man was reported carrying garbage and dumping fruits and vegetables in a ditch by the railroad tracks.

Aug. 27

• A woman called police to report her cat was missing. The cat had been gone for three days. She knocked on the door of a neighbor's home and when they opened the door, her cat came out. She wanted an officer to handle the theft of her cat.

• A local business called police on a vehicle that had been in its parking lot for quite awhile. The employee reported the car left, then returned. She believed the car was stalking her and her friends.

The reports were derived from Wadena Police Department Incident Reports.