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Petro charged with 5 counts in connection with break-in

On Thursday, Aug. 23, the Wadena County Attorney issued a criminal complaint, signed by the Wadena Police Department, charging Ryan Paul Petro, 33, of Wadena with:

  1. 1st Degree Burglary - Occupied Dwelling -Felony
  2. Unlawful Possession of Legend Drugs (Atomoxtine Hydrochloride) -Misdemeanor
  3. Unlawful Possession of Legend Drugs (Sertraline Hydrochloride) -Misdemeanor
  4. Permanent Labels Required on Prescription Drugs (Sertraline Hydrochloride) -Misdemeanor
  5. Permanent Labels Required on Prescription Drugs (Atomoxtine Hydrochloride)-Misdemeanor

According to a Wadena Polilce report, Aug. 20, a local resident of Wadena spoke with the Wadena Police sergeant about a male who was inside her home two nights prior.  This was reported to law enforcement that night, but officers were unable to find this suspect.  This suspect, later identified as Petro, was inside her home when her family arrived home that night, unknowingly to the family.  A short time later Petro exited the home, witnessed by family members and walked out.  This resident is now missing several pieces of women's clothing that belong to her and another family member.

When speaking with the sergeant, they also spoke about the night when she had seen an unknown male at her front door when she arrived home a couple months ago; and then later that same night he was peeking in her window, this was also reported to law enforcement. This male left that night and was not located by officers.

Wadena Police sergeant did some investigating and contacted the Department of Corrections who supervise Petro.  Agents conducted a field visit at Petro's residence which is part of his conditional release monitoring.  Agents found several pieces of women's clothing consistent with what the resident reported missing.  A search warrant was then obtained by the Wadena Police sergeant.  During that search, approximately 120 pieces of women's items were located, the release stated. Petro was arrested and transported to the Wadena County Jail.  Petro is also being charged with violating his conditions of release under an apprehension and detention order, issued by the Department of Corrections.

Petro made his first court appearance on Friday, Aug. 24.

The Wadena Police Department was assisted in this investigation by the Wadena County Sheriff's Office, the Wadena County Attorney and the Department of Corrections.

The Wadena Police Department commended this local resident for calling law enforcement when she saw something suspicious.  Her actions assisted in putting this investigation together. 

"Stay vigilant with your neighborhood and, if you see something, say something," the release said.