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Weekly police scanner - Aug. 23 edition

Aug. 10

• A woman called police to report a man taking two boxes and a tote of donated items from Rising Phoenix. The woman told the man he couldn't just take the items, and he left.

• A woman called deputies on her daughter, who was having a party in the backyard. The woman suspected her daughter's friends were drinking and that one of them might have a firearm. Deputies arrived and issued citations for underage drinking.

Aug. 11

• Police spoke with a woman at a hotel after reports that the woman was naked. When police spoke with the woman, she was wearing a bikini. She told police she had removed her clothing while in the sauna and was not meaning to be inappropriate. Officers explained to her that the area was accessible to other guests and she needed to stay clothed.

• A Walmart employee called to report that two people in a white van were panhandling in the Walmart parking lot. Deputies spoke with the two people and told them they couldn't ask for money. The two people left without argument.

Aug. 12

• Police and deputies responded to a call about an attempted break-in. The woman saw the handle on her door move and her dog barked. Police did not find any evidence of a break-in. The grass had a heavy coat of dew that was not disturbed.

• A woman called police to complain about a man who stopped her on the street wanting to talk and she did not want to talk to him. When officers spoke with the man, he said he was running for a school board position and he was talking to people about the election.

• A woman called deputies to report that her ex-husband was missing. The man was found and said he was fine, but didn't want his ex-wife to know where he was. Deputies relayed the information to the ex-wife.

Aug. 13

• A woman called police in the morning to report that she heard knocking on her door around midnight but did not answer her door. Her neighbor saw someone around that time on the front porch wearing a white mask. Police told both women to call right away if it happened again and to lock their doors at night.

Aug. 14

• A woman reported two males were trying to get into her house, but she managed to lock the deadbolt before they could enter. The men left in a small car.

• An apartment tenant called authorities to complain about the loud noises coming from the apartment below. A deputy spoke with the tenant of the downstairs apartment, who said her kids were watching television. The deputy told the complainant that there was no crime and that she would have to speak with her landlord about the issue.

Aug. 15

• A man called police saying that someone smashed the window of his car and several items stolen. Officers took photos of the car and discovered the man was intoxicated. They wouldn't let him drive the car so he asked officers to keep an eye on his car for the rest of the night.

• A woman who was in the hospital on a hold was reported walking away from the hospital in a hospital gown. Police took her back to the hospital due to the hold.

• An employee of a local business called police to report that someone had clogged a toilet with a large amount of toilet paper.

The reports were derived from Wadena Police Department Incident Reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Office call logs.