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Weekly police scanner - Aug. 16 edition

Aug. 2

• Authorities received a call about a company who was taking down a building and leaving construction trash on the road in front of the property. The construction debris was moved from the street.

Aug. 3

• A woman called police to report her vehicle stolen. She said she had parked it in a lot downtown, but now couldn't find it. The woman called back later to report she found her car.

Aug. 4

• A caller complained to deputies that two trucks were ripping up a road daily, going into the ditch and he wanted it stopped. Deputies were unable to find either vehicle.

• A man was reported to be walking along the shoulder of a road in a gray hoodie. When police made contact with the man, he said he was walking to a friend's home.

Aug. 5

• A report was made about an 11-year-old who fell from a tree and was having back pain. The child was taken to the hospital.

• A man was reported pulling up to a carwash and throwing trash into a bin right next to a "no dumping" sign. When a deputy spoke with the man, he said he would pick up his trash.

• A man reported that the tires on both of his bicycles had been slashed and he can smell urine through the window AC unit in his home. He believed his neighbor was responsible for the vandalism.

• A man called police upset about the road closure for WeFest traffic Sunday. The felt people didn't understand the blockade and that better planning should have went into the road closure. The man said he would give ideas for better planning of the road closure next year.

• A woman called police to report that she left for the grocery store and when she returned home, half of her lawn was mowed. Police spoke with her neighbor, who admitted her nephew had mowed half the lawn. She said she wouldn't let her nephew mow her neighbor's lawn anymore.

Aug. 6

• A deputy stopped a man in the middle of the night who was riding a bike. The man told the deputy that he was on his way to work at Walmart.

• A caller was concerned about a horse that was tied up near the railroad tracks without water all day. When police arrived, the horse was gone and there were buggy tracks.

• A man was reported running around in his underwear and intoxicated. Police arrived and arrest the man for disorderly conduct. He was taken to jail to sober up.

Aug. 7

• A man reported vandalism at the old Pamida building. Someone had spray painted on the building. Police took photos of the painting.

• A woman found a bone while she was digging a grave for her cat. Police determined the bone was a soup bone from a cow.

• A caller requested police check on a squirrel who had fallen out of a tree and was walking "funny."

Aug. 8

• A man called police to report the theft of his vehicle. He lent the vehicle to someone and then lost contact with the borrower. The woman was also using his debit card.

Aug. 9

• A woman called police to complain about contractors digging up her yard and destroying her rosebush. It was determined that neither the land being worked on nor the rosebush belonged to the woman. She argued that they still had no business ruining a pretty rosebush.

The reports were derived from Wadena Police Department Incident Reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Office call logs.