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Weekly police scanner - Aug. 9 edition

July 26

• A woman called deputies to report her neighbor's dog was digging holes in her yard. A deputy spoke with neighbors and inspected the holes. He told the woman that the holes were caused by gophers, not a dog, and that her neighbors were also having problems with gophers. The woman said she would fill in the holes.

July 29

• A daycare provider called police because some of her daycare children were not picked up by their parents. Police advised her to keep the children overnight and contact human services in the morning.

• A camper called to complain about a campsite next door that wouldn't shut off their generator and it was too loud. A deputy spoke with the neighboring camper, who said they would move the generator to the other side of the camper.

July 30

• A caller reported a "pitbull" was walking around downtown and felt the dog should not be walking unattended. Police checked the area, but only found a small tan dog tied out on a chain.

July 31

• A man reported damage to some gravestones in a cemetery from a lawn mower. The caller was able to upright the gravestones.

• A driver of an SUV was driving aggressively, not stopping at stop signs and flipping off other drivers, it was reported. Police were unable to locate the SUV.

Aug. 1

• A woman called police because someone she had working in her yard was ripping up her lawn.

• Police were called to assist a man home who was trying to walk home with a blindfold on. The man said the light hurt his eyes and if he took the blindfold off, he would have a seizure. Police took the man to the hospital for medical care.

• A woman reported a male lying on the sidewalk by the Cyber Cafe. Upon investigation, it was determined the male was drunk and had four outstanding warrants. He was transported to county jail.

Aug. 2

• Two brothers were reported to be drunk and fighting. One brother told police to get out of his face and the other brother told police they would go to their own rooms and go to bed.

The reports were derived from Wadena Police Department Incident Reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Office call logs.