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Weekly police scanner - Aug. 2 edition

July 19

• Deputies were called to a home to look at a vehicle that was possibly involved in a hit and run. The vehicle was not at the home when they arrived.

July 20

• A man who was knocking on a church door looking for help was turned away. The man was not wanted. Deputies were called to remove the man from church property.

July 21

• An alarm had been going off for about 15 minutes, it was reported. An officer checked on the alarm and found a smoke detector was malfunctioning.

• A woman called police when she was trying to check on her father's property and the neighbor's dog wouldn't let her out of her car. The dog's owner was contacted and he brought the dog into his home.

• An anonymous caller reported that minors were drinking at a wedding and driving an ATV without a license. Police spoke with the groom and he said he told them to stay off the ATV. Deputies did not find any minors who were drinking.

• A man called authorities about another man who was making disparaging remarks about his parking skills. He thought the other man was on parole and wanted a deputy to arrest the man for commenting on his parking. The deputy told the man that the other man wasn't on probation and that he couldn't just arrest someone for making disparaging comments.

July 22

• A man called to report that another vehicle was parking in the Walmart parking lot and hit his vehicle. When an officer arrived, the two vehicles were touching bumper to bumper, but there was no damage to either vehicle.

July 23

• A man called to report his wife was missing. An officer pinged her phone and went to the location of the last ping where he found the woman's vehicle. The woman's sister called police to say that the woman was ok.

• A city worker saw five people at the bandstand with a bunch of garbage on the ground. He thought these people were adding to the garbage near the bandstand. An officer spoke with the people who said the garbage was already there.

July 24

• A woman called police because she thought a man was in her home. A chair that was in front of a door had been moved along with a yellow bag on the chair. In the back yard, a tote and other bags were moved and a small deck was in a different location. Nothing was missing and nobody else was in the house.

The reports were derived from Wadena Police Department Incident Reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Office call logs.