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Police scanner - July 26 edition

July 11

• A woman called police to report she witnessed two men who let their dog out of their vehicle to chase a deer. The men were encouraging the dog to chase the deer. When an officer spoke with the owner of the vehicle, he admitted to letting his dog out of the vehicle to chase the deer but said he didn't know it was illegal. The man was given a citation.

July 12

• A woman's dog was attacked by a neighbor's dog, she told police. The neighbor's dog ran over and attacked her dog and when the neighbor tried to break up the fight, she was bitten. The dog was put under quarantine and the neighbor was served Potentially Dangerous Dog paperwork.

• A Wadena resident called police to complain that the stoplight at the intersection of highway 10 and 2nd Street didn't stay green long enough and that someone could get stuck on the railroad tracks and hurt. The man wanted an officer to be stationed at the intersection to direct traffic and said that if law enforcement didn't care about lives, he would go to the city and "pull the plug" on the railroad construction.

• A caller reported that his sister stole or threw out $150 worth of smoked Alaskan salmon.

July 13

• A summer rec employee reported that the concession stand at the softball complex had been broken into and candy, pop, water and Gatorade were stolen.

• Assistance was requested for a woman in a golf cart who was hit in the head by a golf ball at the golf course.

• A BNSF worker reported to police that a vehicle had driven through the construction barriers and damaged their vehicle and then drove off.

• A man complained that his neighbor put up no trespassing signs and barricaded the road so that he couldn't access his property. A deputy explained to the neighbor that he couldn't barricade the road and stop people from going to their properties.

July 14

• A man served eviction papers on his renter, who is also his girlfriend, because she stopped paying her portion of the bills. Since he served papers, she had become loud and disruptive and he wanted something done about it. He was advised by an officer to get an HRO.

• A woman called to report that her vehicle had been vandalized multiple times in a couple of days and she suspected her ex was doing the vandalism. One day her truck had gas spilled on it. The next day one of her tires was popped. There was no signs the tire had been slashed, but it was flat.

July 15

• A concerned citizen reported a broken manhole cover and was worried someone would fall into the hole. Cones were placed around the manhole until repairs could be made.

July 16

• A man was stopped for a traffic violation. The man told the officer that this was his first time in Wadena and he didn't see any signs restricting him from being on the road. The officer explained the road to him and he told the officer he had no plans of ever coming back to Wadena.

July 17

• A man called deputies to report that someone driving a lawn mower past his SUV threw a rock and shattered the window. He thought it might be a county employee.

July 18

• A woman who drove up from Texas to her brother's home called police to complain that her brother disconnected the AC unit outside. The brother said he could do that because he paid for the unit and his bedroom was too cold. Both the brother and sister told an officer they would try to remain peaceful from now on.

• A Wadena resident called police to report a suspicious car parked in her driveway and she couldn't find the owner. When police spoke with the owner of the vehicle he said he was called to the woman's house to fix her dryer.

The reports were derived from Wadena Police Department Incident Reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Office call logs.