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Weekly police scanner - July 19 edition

July 6

• The FAA called the Wadena Police Department to try to make contact with a pilot at the Wadena airport. The plan had not arrived when scheduled. The plane and the pilot were eventually located safely.

• An ATL vehicle left a gas station without paying for their gas. Deputies tried to find the vehicle but were unable to locate it.

• A woman called deputies to complain that her neighbor allowed someone to hay part of her field. She said it had happened before too. The neighbor said he was renting his field and the tenant accidentally went over the property line. The deputy told the woman to contact a lawyer about the issue.

July 7

• A sinkhole had been reported near Jefferson Street N. A cone was placed by the sinkhole until it could be repaired.

• A man reported that his wallet was stolen from a locker in the changing room of the wellness center. He did not have a lock on the locker.

July 8

• A woman called police to report that she thought three or four people were trying to break into her home. They were scared off by her husband. It was discovered that the grill igniters and propane tank on their grill were turned on, The woman thought the people were trying to create an explosion.

• An employee at a local business called police about a customer who stole from the store. An officer spoke with the customer who admitted to stealing and apologized and paid for the item. The woman was given a trespass notice for the business.

• Another sinkhole was discovered on 150th Street in the traffic lane. The hole, which was about the size of a basketball on the surface and about the size of a small car under the tar, was blocked off until it was repaired.

July 9

• A deputy discovered a naked man and his car in a ditch. The deputy waited with the man and vehicle for a tow truck.

• A man called to report that a used motor he bought online in May still had not arrived even though his credit card was charged. The deputy took a report.

• A man told deputies he thought someone was burning toxic materials. Deputies searched the area and only found a man burning grass clippings. They were unable to locate a toxic fire.

• A caller told deputies she witnessed a man breaking into a vehicle. A man matching her description was found walking nearby and was taken into custody.

July 10

• A man called deputies stating that his wife had "gone crazy" and was driving a tractor over some small trees. Deputies separated the couple for the evening.