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Weekly police scanner - June 28 edition

June 15

• A woman reported that her home had been egged. Two females admitted to the vandalism, which caused over $100 in damages. The two women were cited for property damage.

• A woman reported that her neighbor was filming her while she mowed her lawn and she didn't know why.

• A woman called to report that her son had received a call from his landlord that his front door had been left open for two days. The landlord checked the residence and found three minor children who said their mother went to the cities for a few days. The father had a OFP against him so he could not be around his children.

June 16

• A caller reported her home had been broken into. The front door had been forced open and a TV and XBox were missing.

• A mother reported that a man was driving his orange lawnmower on the road, stopped in front of her and her children and urinated in the street. When contacted by police, the man denied urinating in the street and said he just stopped to scratch himself. An officer told him to not drive his lawnmower on the road.

June 18

• A caller reported seeing a skinny cow near an abandoned home. The brown cow was with other cows. Deputies could not find the skinny cow.

June 19

• A couple of four-wheelers and a green truck were going up and down a road at high speeds, a man told deputies. The man said this happens a lot and wanted extra patrols on the road. A deputy said he would do extra patrols of the road.

The reports were derived from Wadena County Sheriff's Office and Wadena Police Department call logs.