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Weekly police scanner - June 21 edition

June 8

• A man reported his truck went missing in the middle of the night. He reported his hired hand had the truck and he was not accounted for.

• A caller reported three juveniles were throwing rocks at a public access point to an area lake. A deputy spoke with the juveniles, who stated they were skipping rocks.

June 9

• A man called requesting to speak with a deputy about a possible scam. He said he had received two calls from someone claiming to be the IRS and saying the man owed them money. The man did not return the phone calls. He was advised to contact his bank and watch his accounts.

• A man called to ask for clarification about an OFP. He was advised he could leave a voicemail, but not to call multiple times and to contact his attorney for clarification about the OFP.

• A woman called stating that her husband threw all her stuff into the yard and was threatening to burn it. She indicated that he had been drinking and they had been arguing. She said he left the house and she thought he was hiding in the woods. Deputies located the man and he was transported to jail.

• Several vehicles were reported to be mudding and tearing up a road. When deputies spoke with the drivers of the vehicles, they said they were pulling out a stuck vehicle. They were advised to leave the area.

June 12

• A call came in about a woman who was dropped off in a parking lot and appeared to be drinking. A deputy arrived and saw a woman sitting in a vehicle with the keys in the ignition. The deputy smelled alcohol and administered a pbt. The woman was under the limit. The deputy advised her to get a ride home.

June 13

• A man reported that his neighbor was using his cabin during the winter without his permission and that there was damage in the cabin. The neighbor knew where the spare key was, the man said. Authorities advised the man that if the neighbor used the cabin again, there would be trespassing charges and a deputy said he would speak to the neighbor.

• Deputies assisted another agency with a report of vehicle theft. The stolen vehicle was stopped and the occupants arrested.

The reports were derived from Wadena County Sheriff's Office call logs.