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Weekly police scanner - June 14 edition

May 31

• A woman reported a man looking into her window. She startled him and he took off. Deputies were unable to locate him.

June 1

• A trailer and license plates were reported stolen. Deputies found the stolen trailer and plates still attached to a tractor.

• An enclosed trailer became unhitched from a suburban on the railroad tracks. Before police arrived, people helped reattach the trailer.

• A caller reported children left in a vehicle alone in the Walmart parking lot for about 10 minutes. When police caught up with the vehicle, they advised the driver of the complaint and given a warning.

June 2

• A woman called to report that a man was trying to get into her house with an ax. Deputies and police searched for the man, but were unable to find him.

• A train took out a cross arm. Police notified the railroad company of the damage.

June 3

• The concession stand at the Sebeka baseball field was broken into. Photos were taken and evidence collected.

• A caller reported a dog bit when she went to separate her two dogs from fighting. She advised a deputy that the dogs would be euthanized because the fighting has been recurring.

• Police were called to a hotel for a noise complaint in one of the rooms. The police could hear children when they arrived and told the parents to keep it down. They advised the complainant to contact hotel management of future noise complaints.

June 4

• Cement blocks were reported to be on the railroad tracks, covering all rails. Police and deputies removed the blocks from the tracks.

• A report came in of a man pulling on doors of businesses. The man admitted to trying doors while out for a walk. He was told to move along and not try doors to closed businesses.

June 6

• A woman who used the bathroom at a gas station was left by her friend and wanted a ride from the sheriff's office to her home in Todd County. Deputies told her they couldn't give her ride and to contact human services when it opened in five hours.

• A woman reported to police that she thought someone was shining a flashlight into her apartment. Police informed the woman that a lightning storm was going on, which she was not aware of.

• A man called police to report that someone had stretched fishing line across a playground slide. When his grandson went down the slide, he was cut. Police removed the fishing line.

The reports were derived from Wadena Police Department Incident Reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Office call logs.