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Police Scanner - May 10 Edition

April 26

• The Wadena Sheriff's Office notified Otter Tail County after a suicidal male jumped out of a vehicle in the emergency room parking lot and left in an unknown vehicle in the direction of Otter Tail County.

April 27

• In order to expedite the departure of her boyfriend from her home, a woman lodged a complaint at 4:38 a.m. She said her boyfriend had been consuming alcohol and was on probation through Crow Wing County. The probation agreement was confirmed. The at 4:38 a.m.suspect fled on foot before an officer arrived. An attempt to apprehend him was unsuccessful. The place of his employment was known.

• A woman living on Second Street NW in Wadena reported a window peeper. After looking in the woman's window twice the suspect fled. He later returned in a white Ford Escort. When an officer observed the vehicle and pursued it the suspect fled into a residence on First Street SW and went out the back door. Officers patrolled the area but were unable to locate the suspect. During this time a second man arrived at the residence and identified the white Escort as belonging to him. An officer attempted to interview the complainant but she refused to answer the door and the phone.

• After making a verbal agreement and paying a woman $200 to clean his house a man began harassing her on Facebook.

April 28

• A 911 call at 1:25 a.m. brought two police officers to Whiskey Creek Saloon. They were told by a bartender a man and his wife became extremely intoxicated. While the wife was playing pool another man began bothering her. A fight ensued between the two men and the woman. The intoxicated couple was asked to leave.

• A woman contacted the Wadena Police Department and told them her husband had received a bill from Tri-County Hospital. She agreed with her husband that they should not have to pay the bill because an officer had forced her husband to go to the hospital. She was advised the speak with the officer and also with an attorney.

• The police were informed that a woman was having trouble with her neighbor. The neighbor was playing around with her, looking at her and trying to get her into trouble. A responding officer found the neighbor working on the woman's pickup.

April 29

• A female flagged down a law enforcement officer and told him a man was in her house taking all of the phones.

• A complainant's Caller ID showed up as the number of a deceased friend. The call turned out to be from a telemarketer. The complainant was advised about scammers who have the capability of changing the Caller ID.

April 30

• A caller filling on gas at the Holiday Station heard a female scream and a possible gunshot. The caller fled the area and waited 20 minutes before calling law enforcement. The area was checked. Staff at Holiday said work at a nearby construction area was very loud at times.

• A Wadena deputy was flagged down about a car on fire in the Walmart parking lot. The deputy used his fire extinguisher to contain the fire until the Wadena Fire Department arrived to disconnect the battery.

• A deputy found the owner of a dead dog to burying the animal, which had been hit by a vehicle, in a ditch across the road from his own property. The deputy told him to bury on his own property.

May 1

• A Verndale business owner said one of his salesmen had been receiving threats of bodily harm from a customer and wanted advice on how to handle the situation.

The reports were derived from Wadena Police Department Incident Reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Office call logs.