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Police Scanner - April 12 Edition

March 29

• When a deputy stopped a driver for speeding he produced a German driver's license which the deputy was unable to read or run. The deputy issued him a warning.

March 31

• A domestic incident involving one male head-butting another was reported but the caller was very uncooperative with dispatch.

• A semi-truck stuck on a railroad track forced BNSF to alert a train which was able to stop before reaching the truck. It was determined the trailer brakes had locked up and the drive tires lacked traction on the fresh snow.

• A caller reported a male beat on his door for about 10 minutes and then left in a four-wheel drive vehicle heading south on County Road 23.

April 1

• A deputy changed a tire on a Ford F-150 for a young adult who was unsure of how to get the spare out from beneath the truck bed.

• A woman driving at a speed of 73 miles per hour was stopped by a deputy. When the deputy asked the woman if she knew why he had stopped her she said she was driving too fast. The woman added that she was trying to catch up with her husband who was in a black truck ahead of her.

April 2

• A caller informed the sheriff's office that someone had made tracks in her yard. Nothing was found to be missing.

April 3

• A caller allegedly had to wake up a staff member after she fell asleep. When the staff member fell asleep again the caller asked for a welfare check. The staff member said she had started on a new medication which left her drowsy.

• Front end damage to a vehicle was reported after a car hit a pile of sand a half mile into Wadena County. The pile was 7 by 5 feet in size and 1 foot deep. Damage to the vehicle was minor.

• A wanted man appeared at the Wadena Police Department lobby and was taken into custody without incident. The man had three lighters and two cell phones on him. They were secured in the WPD bins under his name.

April 4

• A welfare check was performed on a man who allegedly said he was going to shoot himself. The man admitted to dropping off kids and speaking with the wife but denied firing a round.

• A woman's suspicions were aroused by seeing a man with dark whiskers, dark glasses, a brown Carhartt coat, a baseball cap and a black backpack multiple times in hallways and restrooms. The man would become very fidgety when approached. The woman told police the man entered her shop each day between noon and 3 p.m. and used her restroom.

• A man was reported for allegedly making harassing comments about a woman's dog.

The reports were derived from Wadena Police Department Incident Reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Office call logs.