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Police Scanner - March 1 edition

Feb. 15

• A man, calling on behalf of his brother, informed the Wadena Sheriff's Department that he was unable to get some people to vacate a rental residence.

Feb. 16

• An elderly man driving a white Cadillac found himself stalled in a driving lane in front of Humphrey Manor. The car's battery was dead. The car was pushed into a parking spot and an officer was able to explain to the driver how he could manually unlock his door so he could exit the vehicle.

• A caller complained that a Wadena Police Department squad car without any lights was parked by the side of the highway north of Wadena.

• The driver of a vehicle which passed a squad car was awarded a citation for traveling at 70 miles per hour.

• A driver with no operating license was tagged for traveling 66 in a 55 mile per hour speed zone.

Feb. 17

• A vehicle slipped off the trailer on which it was being towed when a tire on the vehicle went flat and the bindings loosened. A tow service arrived and was able to help get the vehicle back on the trailer.

• A caller notified police he had recovered a bike stolen two years before. The caller said the bike had never been reported stolen but a recent owner turned the bike over to save problems.

• The police received a call from a woman who alleged someone was knocking on her door. An officer found the complainant had been sleeping when someone knocked. She did not look to see who it was because it was after 9 p.m.

• A man who smelled of alcohol and had been talking about ice fishing left a Wadena gas station five minutes before the police arrived. One of the store employees alleged the man had followed her around the store two times before.

• A deputy responded to an ongoing issue concerning a horse who has been entering a neighbor's yard and knocked down their bird feeders.

Feb. 18

• Shoes and suitcases were reported sitting in an alley on Fifth Street NE in Wadena. Police traced the owner of a suitcase to a woman who said the clothes belonged to a friend's boyfriend. He had been visiting and was "not being good" so he left. She believed he had ditched the luggage because he did not want to carry it around town.

Feb. 19

• The Wadena Sheriff's Office cooperated with a request from Otter Tail County to search a residence in Wadena County for a horse trailer. The stolen trailer was found and a deputy from Otter Tail was detailed to pick up the trailer.

• A male was reported to be moving items from one section of Walmart to another section. The man had not purchased anything. When the complainant confronted him to see he needed assistance he declined at first and then asked where he was. The man was taken away by ambulance.

• At 9:48 p.m. a vehicle was reported to be stalled or stuck on a minimum maintenance road east of 199th Ave. on the Hubbard County line. Two deputies checked the area and found two sets of tire tracks on a trail but no vehicle.

Feb. 20

• A woman complained a neighbor was blowing snow on the side of her house. She was afraid it would melt and flood her basement in the spring.

The reports were derived from Wadena Police Department Incident Reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Office call logs.