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Police scanner - Feb. 22 edition

Feb. 8

• A complainant alleged family members were spreading falsehoods about her. She told a deputy no threats had been made against her. She said she would be applying for a Harassment Restraining Order (HRO).

Feb. 9

• A man called the Sheriff's Office after his fiance slapped him twice before leaving their house. The man said he needed to know what his options were for their kids and their house.

• When a driver who had locked his keys inside his vehicle told police he did not have the fee for opening it, he was advised he could negotiate with the officers when they arrived.

• A Meals on Wheels carrier complained that when she entered his apartment she saw him fall and she alleged he swore at her. She suspected the man of being intoxicated but not injured. An officer checked on the man later and was told he was fine.

Feb. 10

• A complainant told the police someone had gone through her car at Walmart after she forgot to lock it. She reported nothing had been taken but the intruders had left a cigarette burn in the back seat.

Feb. 11

• The driver of a vehicle told he had intentions of helping a friend get his fish house off a lake. The driver suspected juveniles of drinking in the fish house. The deputy waited at the public access for some time but no one left the lake.

• A man contacted police about threats that his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend were making against him. The woman stated she was burning her property. He was advised it was a civil issue but he was also advised to get ahold of his ex-girlfriend's mother.

Feb. 12

• A woman reported a man was throwing property from his room outside and damaging other property. She reported he had already thrown a television and a microwave oven. An officer spoke with the man and felt he appeared to have some mental health issues but did not appear to be a danger to himself or others. The man said he would replace the television.

• The police were contacted by a man who received a scam voicemail stating there was a warrant out for his arrest. The party was advised to delete the message and ignore it.

Feb. 14

• At 2:54 p.m., a female caller alleged someone was attempting to break into her room. The caller was advised that officials were tending to a medical problem in the neighboring apartment.

• A man requested help in retrieving personal property from an ex-girlfriend. The property consisted of plumbing tools, a ratchet, hair clippers, one and two-dollar certificates, two Canadian dollars and personal items. A police officer contacted the female and she said nothing belonging to the man was at the residence.

The reports were derived from Wadena Police Department Incident Reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Office call logs.