Police Scanner - Feb. 8 Edition


Jan. 25

• Fifteen rods and three boxes of tackle disappeared out of a fish house. Nothing with serial numbers was taken. The door of the fish house was damaged.

Jan. 26

• A woman asked to speak with a deputy in regard to a man who had been removed from her trailer earlier. The man's name is on the lease. He allegedly threatened her, her son and her dog. The man was arrested for domestic assault.

• A woman asked for assistance in getting meds for her child back from the child's father.

Jan. 27

• A complainant informed the Wadena County Sheriff's Office that after two males ran from her garage area, she discovered the board cover her garage door had been unscrewed. Nothing appeared to be missing. A search was carried out but the teenage boys were not located.

Jan. 28

• A caller reported a female locked herself in the bathroom of the caller's home and was refusing to leave.

• A woman who was "kicked out" of Deer Creek was dropped off in the Wadena Police Department lobby.

• An anonymous male caller told the Wadena Sheriff's Office another male moved out and left his dogs behind. The dogs were not harmed.

• Two women accused one another of stealing items from their separate apartments. Both thought the other to be mentally ill. A deputy investigated but did not find any evidence of crime. Both were advised to leave the other alone.

Jan. 29

• Law enforcement was informed that a female was upset because a man kept throwing stuff. The man was belligerent and resisted arrest.

Jan. 30

• A single black cow was reported on the west side of the road between 390th and 284th Streets.

• A verbal argument between a complainant and her neighbor erupted over dog excrement in the complainant's parking spot. The complainant alleged the neighbor was not cleaning up the dog's messes. A police officer told the neighbor she would receive a citation if the matter was not addressed. The owner of the dog was out of the country.

• A man reported his girlfriend was intoxicated and had struck him in the left ear.

• Intoxication led a man's ex-friend to declare he would fight anyone. The man beat up his girlfriend and smashed her phone. Law enforcement was informed she had departed in a red car with tribal plates.

• At 12:48 a.m. the Wadena County Sheriff's Office received a call that a person had been assaulted with a weapon. The caller left the house and alleged the person inside had a 12 gauge shotgun. There were also children in the house.

Jan. 31

• A man hit a woman and departed in the direction of Park Rapids. An attempt to locate the man was made in surrounding counties on a probable cause charge for domestic strangulation.

The reports were derived from Wadena Police Department Incident Reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Office call logs.