Police Scanner - Feb. 1 Edition


Jan. 18

• A drug store employee passed on the name of a man who told her he had ropes and ladders set up in his home and was suicidal.

Jan. 19

• A complainant contacted the police with a suspicion that a Harassment Restraining Order (HRO) had been violated. The complainant said a female, who he suspected of being the live-in girlfriend of the man who was harassing him, had knocked on his door yelling the music was too loud. He was informed a third party contact did not violate the HRO. The complainant said he was going to have the order amended.

Jan. 20

• The owners of an aggressive, protective dog contacted the Wadena Police Department and informed them they wished to surrender. An officer said he would contact the Humane Society since the family had no vehicle. A Humane Society employee picked the dog up the following morning.

Jan. 21

• A 55-inch television was reported stolen. The identity of the burglar was known by the caller.

Jan. 22

• The mother of a boy who had injured his leg asked for police assistance because her son refused to go into the emergency room. The leg was swollen but the boy told an officer it was not painful or causing him any trouble.

Jan. 23

• An apartment landlord called the Wadena Sheriff's Office alleging some renters refused to let him check the furnace after it had run out of propane. A deputy returned his call and informed him he had to give the renters 24 hours notice if they were not willing to let him in the apartment.

• A woman reported a neighbor frequently walked around the neighborhood asking for money.

Jan. 24

• The theft of several items was reported from an Ice Castle fish house. Missing were a fish locator, a generator and a propane auger. The caller had the serial numbers of the stolen property.

• The Stearns County Sheriff's Office asked for help in locating a missing person out of Sauk Centre who was piloting a private plane. The Wadena police checked the Wadena airport but did not find the plane there. The pilot was located later in the morning in Minnesota.

The reports were derived from Wadena Police Department Incident Reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Office call logs.