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Police Scanner - Jan. 25 Edition

Jan. 11

• Law enforcement received a report of a possible wolf sighting in Wadena County. A search for the animal was carried out but officers were unable to locate it.

• A woman who did not speak English well reported her husband was in bed and had a large knife. The "knife" turned out to be a Samurai sword which was sitting in a corner of the man's bedroom. The sword was placed in a closet.

Jan. 12

• A business place informed law enforcement it had a trespass order served on a man who came in, threatened a bartender and left. Several officers went to the man's apartment but he did not answer the door. He was later served with a citation and was advised an eviction order would be served on him for non-payment of rent.

• A woman was clocked traveling at 103 miles per hour in a 65 mile per hour zone. She was cited for careless driving and speeding. She had no questions about the citation but was concerned about her driving points in Florida.

Jan. 13

• The mother of a teenage girl reported her daughter gave her a pot pipe by a friend and asked to hold onto it. The pipe was turned over to law enforcement.

Jan. 14

• A complainant reported a truck and a car pulled up to the edge of his driveway. A female got out of the car and put a big item in the back of the truck. The female then left in the car with two other individuals. The truck was identified as a short box crew cab four-door. An officer investigated and discovered the truck had run out of gas. After it was gassed up it was moved.

Jan. 15

• After a Ford Taurus sat near a residence on Second Street SE for two weeks the police were contacted. The registered owner was contacted. He said the car had a flat tire and he would move it right away.

Jan. 16

• A police officer assisted an elderly woman in changing a light bulb in her kitchen.

Jan. 17

• A caller asked the Sheriff's office to check on his teenage sister who he alleged was doing meth at the home of another woman. The girl's mother said the teenager was only visiting the other woman and was not using drugs.

• A man wearing a tan coat and a stocking cap was reportedly seen walking down a road carrying a rifle with a scope at 4:33 p.m. A search for the man was carried out but he was not located.

The reports were derived from Wadena Police Department Incident Reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Office call logs.