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Police Scanner - Nov. 9 Edition

Oct. 27

• A man was reported for buying a lot of cellphones at a Wadena business.

Oct. 28

• A driver flashed his brights at a county deputy at 1:52 a.m. He was stopped and advised the deputies' brights were not on. The driver had no questions.

• A deputy helped change a tire on a bean harvester.

• An anonymous caller told the Wadena Police Department he had seen a video on Facebook of two individuals climbing a power pole somewhere between Hunke's Transfer and Homecrest. An officer checked the area and did not find anyone climbing poles or towers.

• When a police officer stopped a vehicle on Highway 10 for having a headlight out he found the driver had a Nigerian driver's license. The officer asked for checks on both the driver and passenger of the vehicle. Before he got an answer he had to clear the traffic stop and answer another call.

Oct. 29

• A 911 call alerted law enforcement to a possible domestic. A female at the residence said everything was okay. The man sounded winded.

Oct. 30

• A caller reported seeing a tan vehicle drive by slowly and then stop at a neighbor's place. A male got into a black Cadillac owned by the neighbor and drove away. The caller's neighbors were away from their residence at the time.

Oct. 31

• Tri-County's Emergency Room reported a seven-year-old boy was bitten when he attempted to pet a dog at a Wadena trailer court. The boy's mother said the arm was broken.

Nov. 2

• The Wadena Sheriff's office fielded its seventh deer vs. car incident in an eight-day period when a collision was reported at 12:15 p.m. A tag was issued for the dead animal.

The reports were derived from Wadena Police Department Incident Reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Office call logs.