Wadena Police Department

July 27

Sink hole developed in the middle of the road on 1st street SW/Bryant Ave. A pipe was visible in the hole. City employees blocked off the hole.

July 30

  • Female bike rider observed going through trash in alleyway. She was wearing a black hoodie and her bike was equipped with a baby carrier.
  • Received a report of a female acting strange. She was observed laying in the grass near the elementary school. The female stated she was trying to drink herself to death. Tri-County Ambulance arrived to assist the female.

Aug. 1

  • Home owner noticed garage door open one night. Bike was missing. The bike was later found at Holiday Gas Station. Other miscellaneous tools were missing after the door was found open again.
  • Complainant reported a female at his house pounding on the door. The female explained that the male party owed her money.
  • Elderly male was lost and could not find his truck. He was transported back to Humphrey Manor.