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Come on over to the CLC campus and tour our newest ALC location. The Freshwater Staples ALC is hosting an open house at our new location on Wednesday Aug. 30 from 3 to 6 p.m.

Come on over to the CLC campus and tour our newest ALC location. The Freshwater Staples ALC is hosting an open house at our new location on Wednesday Aug. 30 from 3 to 6 p.m.

Education at the ALC is seeking ways to help our students enter the workforce. Students are participating in typical PSEO courses and also the Early Middle College, a partnership between CLC and the ALC to support students that may not qualify for a typical PSEO program. The new location will be beneficial in accessing these programs.

Today's students are living in an exciting time. They have a number of educational options programs available to them which can empower them to choose where they attend school. Since no one school can meet the needs of every student, families can benefit from exploring educational options that are available to their children.

"I like the small class size."

"I feel like my teachers really care about me."


"I have to work to make money for my family and the hours at the ALC are flexible" are all reasons students gave for attending Freshwater Area Learning Center.

Freshwater Education District (FED) offers educational opportunities for a large range of students. FED Area Learning Centers(ALC) have campuses located in five area towns: Long Prairie, Menahga, Staples, Pillager and Wadena. FED collaborates with your local school districts to support students that qualify to earn their high school diplomas at an ALC. FED ALC high school programs are available on a part time or full time basis. If your student needs to recover credit from a failed course, they can receive information from their local district on how to do that at the ALC.

A variety of instructional models address many different learning styles and also fit into the life of students that are not living a typical teenager's life. FED ALC provides opportunities for students to achieve academic success and to earn a high school diploma. Students can earn a high school diploma through FED ALC until they are 21 years of age. This program is especially beneficial to the student that did not graduate with their class the previous Spring. After age 21, adult students can still attend the ALC to earn their high school diploma under FED ALC Adult Student program.

Freshwater Education District also provides a middle level program for students aged 12-15. Students that need additional academic support, relationship building with adults and their peers, and assistance with increasing their motivation may benefit from the small class sizes and curriculum found at the FED Middle Level program located at the Wadena ALC campus. Families can speak with their local district or contact FED ALC directly for information on the middle level program.

In addition, FED works in conjunction with the local districts to offer after school and summer school programs for elementary and middle level age students at their own location. These programs offer opportunities for students to enhance academic, school and social skills in a fun and creative learning environment. These Targeted Service programs are staffed by the teachers in your school district. Please contact your local school about the Targeted Services programs available for eligible students.

For more information about the Freshwater Education District alternative programs contact the following sites:

Long Prairie ALC (320) 732-6638 ext 1054

Menahga ALC (218) 564-6115 ext 1053


Pillager ALC (218) 746-3557

Staples ALC (218) 894-2439 ext 1055

Wadena ALC and Middle Level Program (218) 631-2281 ext 1058

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