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Elevator back in service at Humphrey Manor East

Elevator service has returned back to normal at Humphrey Manor East. Michael Johnson/Pioneer Journal

A malfunctioning elevator at Humphrey Manor East is back in operation Tuesday according to staff, after it was out of order for about six days.

The elevator motor began malfunctioning last Wednesday, Sept. 5 and was not functioning at all the next day, according to Maria Marthaler, housing programs manager for the Wadena Housing and Redevelopment Authority. Humphrey Manor is managed by Wadena Housing and Redevelopment Authority and is funded by the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Parts were ordered right away but were not delivered until Monday, Sept. 10. It was then discovered that one part was defective. Another part was secured and the elevators were running once more by Tuesday, Sept.11, Marthaler said.

A local resident shared their concern of the elevator being out of order, considering numerous residents were not able to leave their floor without using the elevator. Marthaler was understanding of the concern. She said the residents were kept up to date about the situation and were offered assistance during the duration. Those that wanted to leave their floor had to use the stairs, or if they couldn't, being bound to a wheelchair or unable to walk, they were bound to their floor unless they were assisted in some other way. Some residents stayed at relatives homes while the elevator was out of order.

Staff made meal available as well. Marthaler said that the apartments are independent living so she understood how difficult it was for those that were unable to leave and continue their daily routine.

Humphrey Manor is a 120 one and two bedroom subsidized apartment complex, which offers affordable housing for eligible persons.

"I understand some of their frustrations," she said. "If there was anything more we could have done than we would have done it."

Luckily this sort of thing does not happen often. Marthaler noted only one other time that she could remember in 18 years where the elevator was down for more than a day. Because this does not often happen, extra parts are not kept on hand because, most parts have a warranty that expires within a year, Marthaler said. Having parts with expired warranties was not something staff wanted either.

While the elevator was broken, Marthaler said the police, fire department and hospital were all made aware of the situation.