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Wadena Board awards contract for fairgrounds site work

At their Feb. 22 regular meeting, the Wadena County Board of Commissioners heard a report from County Engineer Ryan Odden about the bidding process for Wadena County Fairground site improvement.

Odden said 18 companies submitted bids for the project, which includes excavation work, removal of pavement, placement of gravel, curb and gutter, concrete work and installation of water service.

The county board voted to award the contract to Pratt's Affordable Excavating of Merrifield, Minn.

"It was great to get so much participation and interest from contractors in this project, Odden said. "We appreciate all the bids that were prepared and submitted."

Funding for the project comes from FEMA and state reimbursements for June 17, 2010, tornado damage, as well as insurance proceeds and county funds.

In addition to the request for the contract award, Odden asked the board to approve three other Highway Department actions. He asked for and was granted approval to purchase a new plow truck from the state contract list for $114,345, to purchase accessories for the plow truck under state contract for $91,088 and to hire four seasonal temporary workers for the summer season.

Odden added that plow trucks are replaced after about 15 years of service, and his purchases were in his board-approved budget for 2013.

Also during the meeting, Odden asked commissioners whether they would like to schedule a spring road tour this year, and they said they would. The spring road tour will take place in May, and provides opportunities for commissioners to see recently improved county roads and bridges and those roads and bridges that will soon require repair or replacement.

Odden also reported the Highway Department had completed its 2012 assessment of county bridges, and found that of the 80 bridges seven are deficient.