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DWI charges filed in Sebeka crash

A Staples man was charged with four crimes in connection with a fiery car crash last winter in Sebeka.

According to Wadena County court documents, Dennis Eugene Hagenson, 58, was involved in an accident at 3:18 p.m. on Dec. 5, 2009 at the intersection of U.S. Highway 71 and Minnesota Highway 227, involving Hagenson's pickup and two semi trucks. The pickup allegedly hit one of the semis, which caused that driver to lose control and strike a second semi. Hagenson's vehicle was on fire, and a bystander grabbed a fire extinguisher and put out the blaze.

Emergency responders noticed an odor of alcohol coming from Hagenson and saw beer cans strewn around the accident scene, court records said. Police obtained a blood sample from Hagenson and questioned him about the accident. Hagenson allegedly told investigators he had a green light and proceeded into the intersection, but authorities pointed out the intersection where the vehicles collided didn't have a stop light but a stop sign, which required Hagenson to stop.

Hagenson allegedly had a .19 blood alcohol concentration and told authorities his insurance was lapsed at the time of the accident, court records said. He has prior impaired driving convictions in 2008, 1995 and 1990.

Hagenson was charged Aug. 11 with two counts of third-degree DWI, and single counts of reckless driving and no proof of insurance. His next court hearing was scheduled for Sept. 13.