Central Lakes College, Brainerd and Staples, has announced its 2019 spring semester honors list.

The President's List includes 336 students who earned a grade-point average of 3.75 to 4.0 while enrolled for at least 12 credits.

The Dean's List includes 287 students who earned a grade-point average of 3.25 to 3.74.


Elena Grove, Dean's List

Merry Nims, President's List

Kendra Wattenhofer, President's List


Julie Nordstrom, Dean's List

Izabelle VanAlst, President's List

Haley Youngbauer, Dean's List


Brady Adams, Dean's List

Lizbet Alvarez De Botello, Dean's List

Samantha Anderson, President's List

Alexandria Kahl, President's List

Emily Orsello, Dean's List

Justin Stevens, Dean's List