Minnesota State Community and Technical College has recognized nearly 1,300 students for academic honors during the 2019 Spring Semester.

The M State President's List includes 609 students who earned a semester grade point average of 4.0 while enrolled for at least six credits of college-level coursework.

The Dean's List includes 669 students who earned a semester grade point average of 3.50 to 3.99 while enrolled in at least six credits of college-level coursework.

Area students recognized for their academic achievements include:


Te'a Roberts, Dean's List

Elizabeth Wallgren, President's List

Deer Creek

Aaron Duncan, Dean's List


Tate Bounds, President's List

Madison Bullock, Dean's List

Rachal Cross, President's List

Mason Dailey, Dean's List

Madison Fischer, Dean's List

Ashley Frame, Dean's List

Jayde Petersen, Dean's List

Kristen Peterson, Dean's List

Skyler Rathcke, Dean's List

Stephanie Schiller, Dean's List

Helen Schmitt, President's List


Alex Kirt Arenkiel, Dean's List

Olivia Helland, Dean's List

Mechelle Howieson, President's List

Robert Ismil, Dean's List

Nicholas Johnson, President's List

Amanda Kolstad, Dean's List

Arielle Matti, Dean's List


Jerome Barrett, President's List

Sarah Barrett, Dean's List

Luke Funk, President's List

Ashley Hull, President's List

Kelsie Lindaman, Dean's List

Jailyn Manuel, President's List

Allison Olsson, President's List

Sherman Sheets, Dean's List

Alyssa Thompson, President's List

Joseph Weishalla, Dean's List

Anna Wuollet, Dean's List


Mark Bravo, President's List

Emily Canning Williams, Dean's List

April Damlo, Dean's List

Cassie Disselbrett, Dean's List

Ashley Hadeed, Dean's List

Monique Holmes, President's List

Teresa Jenson, Dean's List

Jacob Johnson, Dean's List

Elizabeth Jones, President's List

Alyssa McQuiston, President's List

Dannette Nevala, Dean's List

Emilia Nwintuma, Dean's List

Samantha Olson, President's List

Kyle Schmitz, President's List

Lukas Schmitz, Dean's List

Marissa Snyder, Dean's List

Matthew Steege, Dean's List

Morgan Wachlin, President's List

Nicole Wehry, President's List

Emilee White, President's List

Whitney Zeise, Dean's List


Madison Alajoki, Dean's List

Jaclyn Bloomquist, President's List

Rachel Bloomquist, President's List

Susan Bloomquist, Dean's List

Rachel Haataja, Dean's List

Beth Heltunen, Dean's List

Megan Hendrickson, President's List

Maria Hillukka, President's List

Katelyn Hilmanowski, President's List

Joshua Hunter, President's List

Makaila Hopwood, President's List

Jonisa Isola, Dean's List

Savanna Jacob, Dean's List

Chad Karvonen, President's List

Greta Keranen, Dean's List

Lars Keranen, Dean's List

Robyn Keranen, President's List

Katie Krey, Dean's List

Egon Lake, President's List

Amanda Lindquist, Dean's List

Stephanie Myers, President's List

Logan Noonan, Dean's List

Mackenzie Noonan, Dean's List

Sean Petersen, Dean's List

Robert Pietila, Dean's List

Lauren Ruonavaara, President's List

Kyleigh Skoog, President's List

Tina Skoog, Dean's List

Tricia Skoog, President's List

Heidi Tormanen, President's List

Cassy Wuollet, Dean's List