Northern Pacific Park will soon play host to numerous summertime activities as the central park in Wadena and recent updates are making it looking ready for the action.

Four Wadena park board members got their hands dirty with a little tree planting Friday, Arbor Day. Arbor Day is a holiday unlike most. It's a day to look to the future rather than looking at the past. Those four trees, while not able to provide much of a shade this year, will soon cast a great shadow over the park, a cool place of refuge for its visitors.

Those four trees (two basswood and two hybrid elms) bring the park to the number the park board wanted to reach, in accordance with a "master plan" from years ago.

The trees were paid for by the Wadena Parks Foundation, which regularly funds park projects like this. Along with this living addition to the park, more benches may be added to the park later this year. Last year, the big project in the park included new sidewalks on the west side.

Wadena Public Works director Dan Kovar was joined Friday by Dean Krogstad, Sandy Black and Larry DeWald in planting the trees. The job was quick as the holes were already dug. Kovar snipped the roots of the trees apart to keep it from being root-bound, allowing the tree to spread out its roots and take a firm stand in the historic park.

Kovar said other projects in the park include the historic bandstand. That building was closed to the public last year due to damage to the floor of the building. Research is being done to determine the course of action for fixing it.