Winter Storm Wesley was predicted to strike the region early Thursday, April 11, causing many area schools including Wadena-Deer Creek to call school off early.

But to the dismay of some, the forecast was a bit off as it was after noon before the snow started to fly around the area. As conditions worsened it became clear that school would be canceled again on Friday, causing Wadena-Deer Creek Schools to miss two days of school.

Snowfall reports from Verndale and Deer Creek showed about 7 inches had fallen by Friday morning.

During their regular school board meeting Monday, April 15, WDC school board members took the recommendation from Superintendent Lee Westrum that the students didn't need to make up those days. As is, the students will have 169 days of instruction, state statute requires at least 165 days for grades 1-11.

The bigger question seemed to be if staff should have to makeup for those lost days. Staff are making up one day due to previous missed days. Westrum told board members that while it would be challenging, if the board wanted staff to makeup a day, they would. School board members formed a consensus that the staff should not be punished for something that was out of their control, including a rather rough winter and spring. So neither students nor staff will be making up days at this point.