Construction is well underway on a new set of townhomes in the southwestern part of town. Roach Development started construction last September and have continued to work through the biting cold and ice.

The construction is taking place in the Bretz addition, west of Tapley park. The housing project is quite large and half constructed houses of wood dominate the once vacant land.

Currently, crews are working on all phases of construction. Workers are assembling the framing for the future homes, putting up drywall, and installing heat. According to Matt Roach, crews haven't encountered any major issues besides the freezing rain that turned the City of Wadena into an ice rink only a little over a week ago. The wind and snow are manageable for the crew, snow can be moved but ice makes working treacherous. Workers all over the site can be seen wearing heavy coats and face masks as they slowly transition from the outside of the wooden structures to the inside. Plumbing and heating trucks systematically move in and out of the work site.

The townhome project will be made up of 40 units. Twenty two bedroom and 20 three bedroom townhomes will fill the southern edge of town. The new homes will come equipped with two full bathrooms and an attached two car garage. Currently the units are leasing, rent for a two bedroom will be $1,000 a month, $1,200 for a three bedroom.

When plans were proposed for the new building project, not all residents were on board. The Bretz addition is located by a nearby popular park on the south side of Wadena. Children often use the streets near the housing project like Kingsley Avenue to get to the park. Some homeowners in the neighborhood were worried about increased traffic making it difficult and even dangerous for children to get to the park.

Construction is progressing as planned and the new homes will be ready for residents in July 2019. Roach Management also constructed Green Gables Townhomes which are only a short distance from the new townhomes.