Wadena Police

Nov. 29

A report of suspicious activity at the skatepark. A possible smoke bomb or flair was thrown by one of the ramps. Further investigation revealed it to be a road flair. No damage was caused.


Dec. 3

Two car collision reported on Hwy 10 and 2nd Street Southwest. No 911 call was made and drivers left the scene before injuries were reported. A blue pickup truck hit another vehicle and pushed it into the Ten-Star parking lot. One driver was arrested for DWI.


Dec. 4

Complainant reported receiving threatening texts from ex-boyfriend. She believes he's intoxicated and threatening suicide. Officers checked males address and no contact was made. Officers checked the area and did not locate the male. Officers continued to search throughout the night. A welfare check was eventually conducted on the male.

Wadena County Sheriff's Office

Nov. 30

Caller reported a burglary. According to the caller, someone broke into his vehicles and shop. A chainsaw was taken. Extra patrol was sent to the area.

Dec. 1

• Complainant states her sister keeps trying to call and that someone keeps hanging up the phone. She believes her sisters husband stated he was going to stab her. Officers responded and advised the sister of marriage counseling.

• Caller stated a caucasian male wearing a grey hooded sweatshirt, broke into his home. The suspect left in a grey Ford Expedition.


Dec. 6

Caller reported minor child had not returned home after school, child was located at the school attending an after-school program. Caller was notified about minor's whereabouts.

Dec. 7

• Caller stated a silver pick-up truck trespassed on their property, unsure if anything was taken from the residence. Incident was caught on security cameras.

• Caller reported hitting a mailbox and 911 sign after his tire went flat and he veered off the road. No signs of impairment. Vehicle was towed from the ditch.

Dec. 9

Caller stated dog kennel was open and dog was missing, white German shepherd. Officer assisted family with search and were unable to locate the dog.

Dec. 12

• Caller hit a deer and while she was stopped, her car was struck in the side by another vehicle. Vehicle was driveable and deer was dispatched.

• A caller reported a parking complaint. The vehicle was removed and the male driver was arrested.