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Polls Closed: Wadena County election staff say turnout was strong in midterm election

Marion Hansen checks over ballots at the Wadena County Courthouse election night as other election staff wait to report results. Michael Johnson/Pioneer Journal

A friendly competition between two precincts stationed in the lower level of the Wadena County Courthouse grew even more exciting as voter turnout was strong in this midterm election.

Wadena and Leaf River townships both have their polling place in the large meeting room, just a few feet from one another. In front of them were tables and voting booths that at many times were filled with voters.

Following the close of polls at 8 p.m., the first precinct arrived with results at the Wadena County Courthouse at about 8:40 p.m. First to get their results counted were the city of Wadena's Precinct 1 including election staff members Ed Lewis and Steven Fah. They commented that their general election results were almost double that of the primary election.

With over 50 percent of registered voters casting a ballot, the two felt that there were many issues that were bringing voters out.

Marion Hansen and Gregg Seibert of Meadow Township were also early in line, needing to run their ballots through the voting machine at the courthouse. They agreed turnout was excellent.

"This was more like a presidential election," Hansen said. "There were people coming out of the woodwork."

They had 85 out of 113 registered voters cast a ballot.

Considering the "lousy weather, and being a midterm," Hansen was impressed at the turnout and was impressed by younger family members driving their older family members to the polls.

"Definitely there was some reason for them coming out," Hansen said.

Results coming

Keep watching the Wadena Pioneer Journal website for results from local, state and federal elections. We'll be posting as the results come in. As of 10:20 p.m., no results were posted.