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Old Bottemiller home heads for Taggart land

The Taggart home makes its way past the WDC Elementary School Monday, July 9. Photo courtesy Dana Cantleberry1 / 2
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The former Bottemiller home, which now belongs to Carol and Richard Taggart, made a move from its location on Dayton Avenue and Second Street, down Hwy 29 and up 620th Avenue just past Black's Grove Park, west of Wadena on Monday.

It remained on the avenue Monday as crews were unable to move the building onto a recently built driveway, which was soaked after a recent rainfall.

Once things harden enough, Ehrlichmann Structural Movers of Clarissa will drive the home into place on the new basement on their property. Once there, the Taggarts plan to rent the home out.

"Our grandson is going to be renting it with his family," Carol Taggart said of the home. Her grandson Kyle Taggart and wife Chelsey will move in with their five children; Jack, Lindsay, Braxton, Sage and baby Azlynn.

Carol was unsure but thought the home was built in 1939 and said there was some updates needed but not much was needed to move in. She was quite happy to see that the movers did not have to split the house from the garage, it was all moved in one huge piece.

While the home made the move down the street, a number of trees needed to be trimmed as it filled the street and reached three stories high.

The Taggart's are anxious to see the home on the foundation.