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Weekly police scanner - July 5 edition

June 22

• A local bank reported a man came in and tried to get funds from a Visa with a woman's name on it. He was denied and left the bank.

• A caller reported a black puppy locked in a vehicle panting profusely. When an officer arrived, the dog was still locked in the vehicle and the officer observed the dog panting heavily. The officer located the owner who said the dog always pants due to anxiety and that he left water for the dog, but the dog knocked it over. He was warned not to leave the dog alone in the vehicle.

June 23

• A homeless man living in a van at a car lot called police to report several people on the lot without permission. A deputy patrolled the area, but did not find anyone there.

• A deputy spotted children climbing on a train car in a city park. The children were with their parents having a picnic. The deputy told the parents to keep their children off the train car.

• A man reported hearing his neighbor shooting a pellet gun and was worried about his children and cat. An officer spoke with the neighbor who said he shot the pellet gun in the ground to scare away the cat. The officer told the neighbor shooting firearms in the city was prohibited and to get cat repellent in the future.

June 24

• A woman called to speak to a deputy about the arrest of her boyfriend. She wanted the sheriff's office to pay for a door she said they kicked in. The woman was informed that her boyfriend kicked in the door.

• A deputy stopped a man for speeding. The man became belligerent and told the deputy he was only stopping the man to make himself feel good. The man was cited for speeding and given a warning for no insurance and then let go.

• A man complained that his neighbor was mowing her lawn and went over the property line into his yard. The woman explained to a deputy that her children were mowing the lawn and mistakenly went over the property line.

• A driver reported a semi truck driving erratically and said the truck almost ran him off the road. When an officer spoke with the driver of the truck, he said the reporter was following too closely and that he could not see the other vehicle. He also said the vehicle cut him off.

June 27

• A woman reported finding an extension cord plugged into the outside outlet of her trailer and believed her neighbor was stealing electricity.

• A woman called police to complain that when she gave a man $60 to buy her something at Walmart, he kept the money for himself and took her cellphone. The woman became upset with police when an officer told her it was not theft, but a civil matter because she gave the man the money. When the officer later called the cellphone, he spoke with the man and could hear the woman in the background with the man.