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2 motorcycle vs.vehicle collisions cause no injuries Friday

Two motorcycle and vehicle collisions on Friday led to no injuries and minor property damage to those involved.

A Pontiac Sunfire and 2009 Harley Davidson motorcycle collided before 1 p.m. Friday on Hwy 71 North, next to Holiday Gas Station.

According to a Wadena Police report, 62-year-old John R. Stern, Long Prairie, was traveling north on Hwy 71 and attempted to make a turn left into the Holiday parking lot. Stern drove his motorcycle between two stopped vehicles waiting to turn left onto Hwy 10 and entered into the southbound lane where he was hit by the Pontiac driven by 30-year-old Rebecca K. Deyle of Princeton, a Wadena Police report stated.

Stern's motorcycle was knocked over and the vehicle came to rest the the front bumper on the motorcycle. There were also three passengers in the vehicle driven by Deyle. No one in the crash was apparently injured and both vehicles drove away from the scene.

The report states Stern's vision was obscured and the contributing factor was an improper turn. Traffic was also heavy and congested at the time of the crash.

Emergency staff from Wadena Police, Wadena County Sheriff's Office and Tri-County Hospital were on scene.

In a second crash at about 9: 45 a.m. Friday, 74-year-old Frederick D. Tramm, Verndale, was driving his 2000 Harley Davidson west and pulled to the shoulder before attempting a U-turn on Hwy 10 in order to join up with another group of motorcycles. The driver of a UPS truck 60-year-old William D. Olson, Verndale, was driving behind Tramm when he noticed him pull over to join up with the other group. Olson told the police he saw Tramm start to make the U-turn to head east and that the front of Tramm's motorcycle pulled back into the lane of traffic when Tramm collided into the side of the delivery truck.

The motorcycle suffered moderate damage, while the truck had minor damage. The motorcycle was trailered from the scene and the truck was driven from the scene. No injuries were reported.

No clear contributing factors to the crash were reported.