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WDC grads say 'Hello and Goodbye'

Like the words penned and sung by graduating Wadena-Deer Creek senior Max Junker, Friday night turned out to be the best graduation so far for 72 students of the class of 2018.

Junker sang a song written for the occasion titled "Hello and Goodbye" for the first time in public before the graduating class and a large audience of family and friends. The words spoke of the sentiment many of the seniors were feeling in what may be their final moments together as a class. Mistakes were made, successes were found and joy and tears were as much a part of their school career as they were during the commencement.

"Tonight is our last night, to say hello, to say goodbye," Junker sang. Junker challenged the students not to forget the mistakes they've made.

Superintendent Lee Westrum addressed the group, telling them as they say their goodbyes and move out into their futures, it's OK to fail, but not OK to quit.

"Don't sell yourself short, and don't settle," Westrum said. Westrum joked with the students asking if any of them knew what a switchboard operator was as it's a career that's faded away with advances in technology. "While you may never be a switchboard operator no matter how hard you try, you can achieve great things."

All students that spoke during the night shared a common theme of gratitude.

"Thank you to everyone for everything you have done for us, throughout the years the support you've shown to us has been tremendous," WDC grad Lila Lohmiller said in her welcome address.

WDC grad Casey Volkmann gave her address next highlighting the impressive stats of the graduating class, both the work in the classroom and extracurricular activities.

"This fine group of young adults would not be where they are today without the endless support from those around us," Volkmann said. She thanked the teachers, parents and fellow classmates for helping her in their success.

WDC grad Alexandria Kahl gave the closing remarks jokingly carrying out a speech that rolled out over the podium and across the gym floor,

She thanked not only mothers and fathers, but the grandmothers, grandfathers, siblings and teachers that surround her.

"Please remember you are forever in our hearts as our hands let go and our feet carry us to our destinies, we love you all and thank you once again," Kahl said. "... There's no other class I'd rather be a part of than this one ... we are forever Wolverines of Wadena-Deer Creek High School but now the time has come to say goodbye."