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A touch of spring in Wadena

Greg Anderson decided to brighten up his Wadena neighborhood recently with some graffiti on a snowbank in front of his home at 414 Third Street SW. Anderson's artwork on a bank of white April snow proclaimed "Spring, 2018" had arrived. Submitted photo

On a sunny but snowy day in April nearly three weeks into what the calendar calls spring, Wadena resident Greg Anderson took a light and bright approach to winter-like weather that has ceased to be amusing.

The owner of Wadena's most visited home at 414 Third Street SW - the "Christmas in Wadena" house - decided to chase away the persistent winter weather Minnesotans have endured by creating his own version of spring.

"I was just tired of spring being not here," Anderson laughed.

Instead of grabbing a pen and writing a poem, Anderson went out and bought seven cans of spray paint. His "canvas" was a bank of crusty white snow in front of his home. By the time he was finished the snowbank was festooned with spring flowers of pink, orange, yellow and purple growing from a field of green grass.

Anderson's artwork ran under a pink and yellow banner that proclaimed "Spring, 2018."

"It's just me having fun," Anderson said.

Anderson was so proud of his project that he decided to surprise his wife, Nancy. He led her outside their two-story home and gave her a streetside view.

"She said, 'oh, for crying out loud!'" Anderson recalled.

Anderson's masterpiece has faded away for the most part and he is fine with that. He has made his point with Mother Nature.