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Living history: Excerpts from past Pioneer Journal editions

10 years ago

Excerpts from the Nov. 15, 2007 Pioneer Journal

• One count dropped in Hudson case

A Wadena woman whose tough discipline with her daughter became the stuff of headlines this spring had one of two criminal counts dismissed against her in a court appearance earlier this month.

Janine Hudson, a social worker who was once in charge of parent counseling, went before Judge Jay Carlson Nov. 1 and asked to have two charges thrown out: one count of contributing to the need for child protection or services and one count of child endangerment.

The charges stemmed from a roadside incident on US Highway 10 near Verndale on April 20. Hudson and her 14-year-old daughter argued and hudson told her daughter to "either behave or get out of the car." The daughter walked a mile to a friend's house, while Hudson was charged with the two crimes for the incident.

The judge threw out the child endangerment charge at the Nov. 1 hearing.

However, Carlson ruled there was probable cause to proceed with the contributing to the need for child protection or services charge.

The judge wrote that his decision to proceed wasn't based on a belief of guilt, just on a belief there's enough evidence to establish probable cause and move ahead with the trial.

Hudson said she's already decided to appeal that decision with the appellate court. No court date has been set.

Hudson said she took a month leave of absence from her job at Wadena County Social Services, mostly because of the stress of the attention she's gotten.

During that time, Hudson said she had another domestic incident with her daughter which resulted in charges against her.

In an incident on Oct. 21, Hudson's 14-year-old daughter was getting ready for church when hudson confronted her about an earring, according to court documents. Her mother tried to get her to remove the earring and allegedly took the daughter to the ground, pulling her hair in the process, according to court reports. Hudson allegedly sat on her daughter several times, scratching her arms and hands. An officer photographed the scratches on the daughter. Hudson was arrested for domestic assault, a misdemeanor. Bail was later posted.

When Hudson returned to work, her employer put her on leave.

30 years ago

Excerpts from the Nov. 19, 1987 Pioneer Journal

• Two men killed in deer hunting accident Sunday

Two Minnesota men were killed in deer hunting accidents Sunday, bringing the number of known fatalities to four for the first nine days of the 1987 firearm season.

Leo Nielson, 49, Hinckley, was fatally injured by a gunshot wound between two and six p.m. Sunday at a Pine County farmstead about a mile north of Hinckley, according to Jorge Llambes, the Pine County deputy medical examiner.

Nielson, who was hunting alone, apparently was injured when his gun went off as he climbed into a deer stand, Llambes said.

Nielson was dead when he was discovered by a family member searching for him.

Floyd Johnson, 43, of Roseau, was dead at the scene after he was wounded in the chest at about 8:30 a.m. Sunday while hunting in Golden Valley township, according to the Roseau County Sheriff's Department.

Authorities said Johnson was wounded after a shot fired by another hunter in his party ricocheted off a tree.

• Wadena fire department called to fight three different fires

The Wadena fire department was called to extinguish two grass fires last week and responded to a mutual aid call from the Deer Creek fire department Monday morning to control a house fire.

"Local firemen were called to 3rd Street SE near Homecrest about midnight Thursday to extinguish a grass fire and fought a large grass fire in Leaf River township near CSAH Saturday evening for about three hours," Wadena Fire chief Jerry Wegscheid said.

The department was summoned to Leaf River about 6:30 p.m. No personal injuries or extensive property damage resulted during either fire.

The DC fire department sought mutual aid from Wadena in a house fire that occurred about 10:55 a.m. Monday at the Jerry Fuhrman residence in Deer Creek. The fire caused extensive damage to the Fuhrman home, Wegscheid said.

75 years ago

Excerpts from the Nov. 19, 1942 Pioneer Journal

• Mills man found injured in road

Albert Koria, 45, residing east of New York mills, was found unconscious in the middle of the road east of Smith Park sometime after midnight Saturday. He was found by William Bahls, when Bahls was returning home from work at the hotel.

Koria's right leg was broken and he had a bad head injury which was bleeding profusely, but how he came to be injured or by whom he was unable to say. Local authorities so far have been unable to locate any witnesses or find any clues to the manner of his injury. He was taken to Wesley hospital for treatment.