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Police scanner - Nov. 2 edition

Oct. 18

• A dumpster diver was reported taking scrap metal and other material from a construction company dumpster. The diver told an officer he had permission from the company.

Oct. 20

• A Wadena County squad car suffered minor damage when it collided with a deer at 7:10 p.m.

Oct. 21

• A woman's suspicions were aroused when a gray-haired male, who she allegedly saw looking in her window the previous evening, showed up early the next morning and knocked on her door. The man said he wanted to leave a package with her. She told the police she told him to leave.

Oct. 22

• Police received a report from person out for a walk with a service dog who was almost hit in a crosswalk by a pickup. When the complainant pointed at the crosswalk the driver of the vehicle made an unfriendly gesture and left.

Oct. 24

• A welfare check was requested on a woman who had missed four straight work shifts. A deputy made contact with the woman while enroute to her home. She was said she was fine and knew the day, month, year and current president. She said she had quit her job the previous Thursday.

• A request from a man who was requesting emergency assistance for a bus ride to St. Cloud was denied.

• An eight-year-old boy called to say the person who was babysitting his five-year-old sister and himself was shaking and vomiting.

Oct. 25

• An intoxicated man making continuous 911 calls finally said he had a noose and was testing out the ceiling of his home. He was transported to Tri County Health Care where he remained belligerent.

• A call came in from a male party who talked about a cat but did not make sense.

The reports were derived from Wadena Police Department Incident Reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Office call logs.