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Living History - Nov. 2 edition

10 years ago

Excerpts from the Nov. 1, 2007 Pioneer Journal

• Buyer interested in Homecrest buildings

The city of Wadena is working with a potential buyer for the Homecrest buildings, just a month after the furniture manufacturer closed.

"There is a buyer looking at both of the Homecrest buildings that is very serious," Mayor Wayne Wolden said.

The name of the buyer hasn't been publicly disclosed per that individual's request, he said. As more information becomes available, it will be disclosed and the Wadena City Council may hold a special meeting.

Homecrest, an outdoor patio furniture manufacturer, closed its doors Oct. 1 after a final effort to refinance or locate a potential purchaser was unsuccessful. The manufacturer had been in Wadena for more than 50 years.

30 years ago

Excerpts from the Nov. 5, 1987 Pioneer Journal

• Verndale man critically hurt after 18-foot fall

A 39-year-old Verndale construction worker remained in a coma and was reported in critical condition at St. Luke's hospital in Fargo as a result of a fall Oct. 23 at the Wadena Sawmill.

David Gades was injured when he fell 18 feet to the ground while bracing rafters. Employed by DJ Construction, Wadena, Gades suffered a broken shoulder, head lacerations, a crack at the base of his skull and a partially severed left ear.

After his condition was stabilized at Tri-County Hospital, he was transferred by ambulance to St. Luke's.

A coworker told Gades' brother, Mark, that David appeared motionless as he fell onto his shoulder in a pile of rafters. The worst fear is brain damage to swelling cranial tissue, Mark Gades said.

• Sheriff's salary dispute goes to arbitration today

Local 320 of the Teamsters Public and Law Enforcement Employees Union has filed for state arbitration in a dispute over salary requests made by the county sheriff department's employees, (This does not include the sheriff or the chief deputy).

"Because of a wide range of disagreements involving the salary requests made by the Public Law Enforcement unit and the Wadena county board of commissioners, Local 320 of the Teamsters Public and Law Enforcement employees union has filed for arbitration. Accordingly, County Commissioners Dale Paulsen and Clarence Kreklau will meet with the State Board of Arbitration today in Minneapolis to present the county's position in the dispute," Commissioner Kreklau told the Wadena Pioneer Journal Tuesday.

"The Board of Arbitration will decide the final outcome of the salary dispute."

75 years ago

Excerpts from the Nov. 5, 1942 Pioneer Journal

• Fire quickly destroys old landmark

Fire which broke out in the rear of the VII-Walk Inn Tuesday morning rapidly spread throughout that frame structure and completely destroyed the stock and fixtures before firemen could get it under control.

Firement were forced to work at both ends of the building at the same time and succeeded in saving the Birch frame building on the east.

Bill Villwock, proprietor of the inn, said while he doesn't know where the blaze started, it came into the main room from the rear. He had been doing work in his office in the rear of the building and had just gone to the front when he looked back and saw flames shooting into the room. It was only a matter of seconds before the interior of the building was a mass of flames. The fire seemed to work in freakish fashion, however, as firemen found when they made a tour of the building after getting the blaze under control. It completely gutted the downstairs and the attic, but spared the sleeping rooms upstairs.

The building's store room at the rear is used by the Coast to Coast Store for storage space for a large stock of hardware and other merchandise. This was badly damaged by smoke and water. Only a part of the fire loss is covered by insurance.

The building, one of the oldest in Wadena, was owned by Frank Breher. It at one time housed the Breher Hardware, then operated by frank and his brother John. It was leased to Mr. Villwock in 1939.

Mr. Villwock is undecided what course he will take in regard to his business, but it is expected that he will make an announcement soon.