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Police Scanner - Oct. 26 edition

Oct. 12

• Law enforcement officers were waiting when a male attempted to escape from an apartment by going off a roof at the back of a residence. The man was taken into custody.

• A caller informed the Sheriff's Office he would be shooting for several evenings. When asked for the time he would stop he said he did not know but said it would possibly be as late at 2 a.m.

• The Wadena Police Department received a report from a man who said a large, black dog caused damage to his vehicle when it ran into a side door. He attempted to find the dog but could not do so.

• A complainant reported his truck disappeared from the fairgrounds. A friend had last seen it at 10 p.m.

Oct. 13

• The Menahga School principal alerted law enforcement of the possibility a kid was running around with a gun. The Menahga Police Department investigated.

• A white male with facial hair was asked to leave the Casey's Convenience Store lot in Wadena because he was soliciting for money. He pushed his truck into the street and parked it near Minnesota Energy.

Oct. 14

• A female showed up at a man's residence confused, disoriented and with a bloody face at 3:33 a.m. She said she had fallen on the way to a convenience store. An ambulance transported her to the emergency room.

• The Sheriff's Office received a third party report of a fire burning in a field southwest of her location. The homeowner provided a deputy with an active permit for the fire.

• A group home staff member called the Wadena Police Department to inform them a goose had not moved for four hours. When approached, the bird walked to the water and swam away but appeared to be injured.

Oct. 15

• After hearing a gunshot at 7:42 p.m. across the road from their home a woman reported her husband went to investigate and surprised two males in a ditch. They fled in a vehicle. Poaching was suspected.

• A third party alleged a man had threatened to kill her sister's dog.

Oct. 17

• A woman who went to help her boyfriend who had run out of gas alleged he punched out her back window after she told him to exit the vehicle. The woman said her children were in the vehicle but were unharmed.

• Police received a report from a Cavalry Cemetery volunteer that he had been told homeowners have been dumping grass through the fence onto the cemetery grounds.

The reports were derived from Wadena Police Department Incident Reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Office call logs.