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Otter Tail County man receives 28th DWI

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OTTER TAIL COUNTY, Minn.—An Otter Tail County man may be headed back to prison after being arrested for what is believed to be his 28th DWI.

64-year-old Danny Bettcher is well known to law enforcement.

He was noticed drinking alcohol at a bar by an off-duty officer.

Bettcher left the bar and was pulled over when an officer saw him swerving over the road going just 10-15 miles an hour.

Bettcher had the strong smell of alcohol and bloodshot, watery eyes.

Bettcher initially refused to roll down the window and get out of the car.

He berated the officer and became enraged.

The officer says Bettcher was stumbling and refused to do any tests, but said, "I am way over, take me to jail."

Bettcher faces two felony counts for DWI, and refusing to take a breath or chemical test.