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We Fest activity results in eight DUIs

More and more drivers are choosing to take the safe route of lining up a sober ride, however with eight DWI arrests during WE Fest, we know there is still work to be done. The Minnesota State Patrol Detroit Lakes District participated in keeping motorists safe during the 35th annual event, the nation's largest outdoor country music and camping festival, with close to 50,000 attendees coming into the lake country. Several Troopers patrolled areas around the event, from Aug. 1 — 5 and assisted with traffic control.

In addition to the eight DWIs, the State Patrol also made 16 warrant arrests, and came across 37 drivers without a valid driver's license (revoked, cancelled or suspended). However there were no serious or fatal crashes in or around the area during the event.

Troopers recognized that a number of festival goers utilized designated drivers during the entire week. Many of the traffic stops had people telling Troopers that they knew the State Patrol would be watching for drunk drivers really hard all week and they didn't want to get arrested, so they lined up a "DD" for the night. It wasn't uncommon in the last 10-15 years for there to be more than 50 DWI arrests annually during this event, but averaging 10 DWIs in the past five years is a move in the right direction. Meanwhile, the State Patrol will continue looking for impaired drivers and continue to send the message "never drink and drive."

2017 Activity (1,469 stops total — the activity is a mixture of citations and warnings.)

Stops ------------------1,469

Seat Belt ------------------175 (citations and warnings)

Child Restraints -----------7 (citations and warnings)

Speed ----------------------646 (citations and warnings)

DWI -----------------------8

DAR/DAS/DAC ------------37

Not a Drop ---------------15

Move Over ----------------16 (citations and warnings)

Equipment ----------------619 (citations and warnings)

Other Moving Violations -------564 (citations and warnings)

Warrant / Other Arrests -------16

Texting ----------------------7 (citations and warnings)

Inattentive -----------------8 (citations and warnings)

2017 — Traffic Stops: 1,469 Citations: Unknown DWIs: 8

2016 — Traffic Stops: 1,121 Citations: 256 DWIs: 13

2015 — Traffic Stops: 814 Citations: 250 DWIs: 10

2014 — Traffic Stops: 609 Citations: 91 DWIs: 8

2013 -Traffic Stops: 661 Citations: 160 DWIs: 12

2012 -Traffic Stops: 420 Citations: 113 DWIs: 10

2011 — Traffic Stops: 572 Citations: 106 DWIs: 25