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Youth dirt bike rider seriously injured

A 14-year-old boy from Hewitt in nearby Todd County was seriously injured in a dirt bike accident at 10:11 p.m. on July 20 near Highway 73, east of Deer Creek.

The youth, while riding the dirt bike, ran into a steel fire pit on private property. This caused him to be ejected from the bike.

He suffered a compound fracture and laceration to his left leg and was airlifted to a hospital in St. Cloud.

Scam averted

A female resident of Vining avoided being the victim of a scam and instead reported the incident to the county sheriff's office on July 20.

The resident had received a check via Federal Express for $1,500 over the sale price of furniture she was selling.

Oftentimes, a person in this situation would send a check to the buyer for the excess amount, in this case $1,500. But later on the check sent to the seller would bounce and the victim would be out $1,500.

"The woman from Vining did the right thing by contacting sheriff deputies," said County Sheriff Administrative Lt. Keith Van Dyke. "It's fortunate that she had no financial loss."