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Central Minnesota Friends of the NRA celebrate 25 years of success

Central Minnesota Friends of the NRA celebrated 25 years of success at Thumper Pond in Ottertail on Thursday, April 20. A crowd came to promote and support programs that enable shooting sports-related programs to develop, expand, and enhance their educational curricula to deliver valuable services to millions of Americans. Grants from The NRA Foundation benefit programs such as youth education, law enforcement training, hunter education and safety, conservation, marksmanship training and much more.

Every year, The NRA Foundation allocates half of all net proceeds to go back into the state in which it was raised, where Friends of NRA State Fund Committees decide on programs and projects to fund on the local and state levels. The other half is used to fund projects similar to those seen on the local and state levels but with a national scope. These monies sustain over 180 NRA nationally supported programs.

Friends of the NRA is an active supporter of our nation's veterans and in a show of appreciation, banquets host a live auction of a patriotic piece that , when "won" by the bidder is then presented to the oldest patriot veteran in the crowd. As they have done in the past, Jon and Betty Staebler were the winners of the bid for the With Liberty and Justice For All plaque. The presentation to John Finnegan was made by Jon Staebler, with a hearty handshake and a heartfelt thank you to all veterans who have made it possible for us to gather with like-minded folks.

A grateful thank you to all who supported the banquet this year. To Vince Bachmann for lending his auctioneering skills, to Thumper Pond for hosting the event, Neigel's Authentic Arms Shows and to all sponsors and those who donated, to those who came to gather with the committee, we thank you for your dedication to our Second Amendment and the promotion of Friends of the NRA.