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Proof isn't always in the pudding, it's in the Christian heart

There are lots of things in life that are illogical and take a bit of believing in. We believe that people will change their lives for the better, despite the odds. We hope against all the odds that our sports teams will pull through and win. We hope that things will always work out our way, which happens less than we would like. Some of us also have faith in God, which is something a bit different and has never failed me.

I believe that Hebrews 11:1 says it best: "Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see." The process usually starts with feeling something out there, and people typically choose to do something about it or not. If you believe in God, you have faith — you assure yourself that you don't see and have confidence in it.

I've come to learn that from a logical standpoint that believing in a higher power that cares about us doesn't always make sense. I know that there are all sorts of things that correlate with the Bible, and some extremely good arguments that the Bible is truth. However, I've also spent a good portion of my life learning about the Bible and what I stand for with my morals. There's a lot of questions that people have about Christianity that I have had the privilege of getting answered. For an outsider, though, a lot of it might not make sense, especially if the person doesn't want to hear it.

Arguing that there is a caring, high power can be a bit tough for people that don't want to be open for the idea, and it's not exactly something that can be approached by logic. It's hard to explain the feeling that I have that there is something there, or how I feel that the Bible coordinates extraordinarily well with the value that I would automatically assume. It's something that we all need to experience for ourselves, and that happens in a different way for most everybody.

For those who experience faith, it can be life changing. It's a bit difficult to put into words, but I will try.

Faith was always the hope that things would get better when I was young. I felt like there was something out there watching for me, and I hoped that it would bring something much better than my current life. I felt out of place in elementary school, but I stubbornly believed that there was a much better plan for me getting ahead. I was socially awkward up until I was about fifteen, but I believed that I would be much better one day, and I was. I dreamed of traveling the world and seeing other cultures, and it's safe to say that worked out pretty well. I firmly believe that I have experienced way too many coincidences or blessings in disguise for there not to be something out there.

I've learned to channel my faith into focusing on how I treat others. I don't believe in wronging others that have wronged me. I've tried not to judge, and I can say that I have grown much better at that this year. I've learned how to let go my negative energy that I had towards others. The values that the Bible holds makes living a lot much better, and that reassures my faith in having a God that loves us. This faith, to me, is a lot more rewarding than hoping for a sports team to win.

I hope that we can all come to experience faith. It's something so powerful that has permeated and changed the whole world. The faith that God has given me has made all the difference in my life, and I can only hope it will infect others and fill them with hope. Faith in God is the most reliable sort of faith. (Holly McCamant is a Frazee native who is living in Denmark as an exchange student and who writes about travel and spirituality.)

Paula Quam

Paula Quam is the editor for Forum Communications Co. newspapers in Detroit Lakes and Perham, both in Minnesota.

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