Farmers, ranchers and anyone who owns livestock are reminded to check their fences after the Wadena County Sheriff's Office reported fielding a large number of calls about unsecured livestock.

The sheriff's office said it has received 48 calls from the public about livestock that was unsecured and wandering onto public roads since June 1 and 30 of these calls were since Sept. 1. Check fences, especially if those fence lines are next to public roads, the sheriff's office said in a news release.

It is the livestock owner's responsibility to keep livestock secured on their property and to make sure fences are in good condition to keep livestock contained inside the fence. If property is damaged or someone is hurt due to livestock being unsecured, the livestock owner can be held accountable, the sheriff's office said.

The Wadena County Sheriff's Office's responsibility is to protect property and to ensure the safety of the residents of Wadena County and any visitors to Wadena County.

"With that being said, livestock owners, help us help you. Make sure your fences are in good, working condition," the news release stated.